CBD Oil and CBD Vapes| What’s The Deal?

Continuing on in our series on common questions about CBD e-liquid and CBD vape oils, we dive into something that probably everyone has wondered about when first looking into the world of CBD oil products.  Let’s take a look at…

What’s the deal, what does CBD feel like?

A natural starting point for any discussion about the effects of CBD is to wonder if there is a parallel to the effects of smoked marijuana. And while it might be a helpful analogy, I like to stress to people that it really is nothing like what they might be familiar with from using cannabis.

With that said, I also am sure to let people know that they most likely will feel something. I sometimes compare it to the effects of using marijuana without being “high”.  In that, I mean that as a non-psychoactive substance, CBD does not seem to affect my cognitive abilities or in any way leave me feeling hazy or cloudy.

At the same time, there is a noticeable shift in how I feel overall before and after using CBD.  A good way to think about it might be that what is happening in my case feels like “relief”.

It isn’t the activation of a new feeling, but rather the absence of a negative feeling I had been experiencing prior to treating with CBD.

Hopefully that doesn’t sound too philosophical, wondering if the absence of a feeling is a feeling?

But in the case of CBD oil I think it is a valid way to look at what you should expect.  This is all said with the caveat that everyone is different.  Nobody should necessarily expect to feel one way or another.  The best we can do is try something and see how it works for us.

Your first time trying a CBD oil or CBD vape you should probably not be on your way to work or right before a big meeting.  I’ve never heard of anyone having an extremely negative reaction from ingesting CBD, but caution being the better part of valor and all, it’s best to try it in a relaxed environment that first time just to understand how it acts on you.

Hopefully that helps answer other people’s questions about how CBD might fit in to their lifestyle.  We’re always excited to be able to spread the knowledge of CBD oil products and answer people’s questions or concerns.  We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to write us with any questions you might have.