About Chronik Fusions CBD

Founded in 2012, Chronik Fusions is a maker of CBD infused products located in Los Angeles, California.  Our mission is to bring the benefits of CBD to the world in a way that uses the highest quality ingredients and processes while being an affordable part of your healthy lifestyle.

Having incorporated CBD into our own personal daily regiments, we became convinced that there is too much confusion and outright profiteering in the CBD manufacturers space. 

We aim to drastically change how a CBD business interacts with its customers, starting with the quality and potency of our preparations through to an affordable pricing structure that is compatible with making CBD intake a part of your daily routine.

All of our products are lab tested for strength and purity every time.  Along with our family, we use all of our products ourselves and we would never cut corners with our process to make a quick buck. 

We plan on being here for a long time and believe that the surest way of bringing this important compound to as many people as possible is to give them a quality product for a reasonable price.

Another aim is to provide superior customer service.  We consider our customers as long-term partners in a mission to improve their lives.  Making a sale is never our priority, but nurturing our relationship with you is.

We know that starting out in your journey to better health and a better life can be intimidating sometimes.  You should view us as your partner in health.  Here to answer your questions and provide guidance. Coming here is your first step towards a new chapter in a better life and we’re ready to be with you all the way.

We hope to make you a part of our family here at Chronik Fusions as we pursue our mission of revolutionizing the CBD industry and building healthy and happy lifestyles!