Chronik Vape Pens



Each Pen contains 100mg of CBD providing 500 puffs per pen.

Ingredients Pure Hemp CBD, Natural Flavor Terpenes, 50PG/50VG

Pre-filled CBD Vape Pen with a high powered dose of CBD.

Chronik Vape proves there is no easier way to get started with CBD vaping!

Our ultra high CBD electronic vape pen comes filled with 500 mcl (0.5 mL) of our 1.5% CBD formula.

Our CBD pens come in five flavors, Apple, Strawberry, Grape, Watermelon, and Blackberry.

Over years of researching and testing these pens we’ve found a delivery vehicle that is just as reliable as it is easy to use.  All of our CBD vape pens come fully charged and ready to use.

Our  CBD products are all lab-tested and made here in the U.S.A. so that we can ensure their quality.

Many people who have tried other forms of CBD have found that vaping is the most efficient and effective way to get their dose.  We encourage everyone to give it a try.  CBD vapes have a different method of action than other methods of administration.

Vaping is both a convenient and safe way to use CBD.  This is especially useful for those that need to continue to dose themselves throughout the day.  It is both very fast acting and easy to carry with you.

The pen itself is extremely  durable, safe to carry in your pocket or bag and totally discreet.

All types of people have found great relief from this CBD vape pen. From MMA fighters to grandmothers and everyone in between.  The world is finding out about the benefits of CBD and what it can do to improve you life.

We urge you to do your research, read some of our articles and learn what it can do for you.

And when you do decide to make the plunge and try out CBD, we hope that you will try our product.

We also encourage you to reach out to us at any time with any questions you might have. We can help you through your journey and on to a better life!