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Chronik Crème is a CBD topical infused with cannabidiol (CBD) from Cannabis. Chronik Fusions CBD Crème can help alleviate acute pain and muscle soreness. CBD is similar to THC, except it’s non-psychoactive, meaning it is impossible to get high from using Chronik Fusions products.

Science has confirmed that cannabis is an effective pain reliever, reinforced in a massive new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

What exactly is Chronik Fusions CBD infused topical crème?

Chronik Crème is a proprietary CBD topical formula that combines an organic base that enhances your skin and joint health, with the potent all-natural CBD extract that is the cornerstone of all of our products. Our ointment is made from infusing concentrated cannabis extract with our blend of quality oils. Chronik Crème contains 500mg the active compound, CBD in each 2oz. container. Our crème is then blended with other therapeutic herbs, which are well-known pain relievers.

We’ve spent years developing our custom blend of ingredients to bring you this great all around CBD crème. One of the benefits of Chronik Crème is that it only takes a small concentration of Chronik Crème for the effects to be felt.

“When it comes to cannabis-based topicals for muscle soreness or other pain relief, there’s no substitute for Chronik Fusions”.

Our Chronik Crème is meant for everyday use and will soon be one of the first things you reach for when getting ready for you day.  Find out what 1000’s of our customers have already discovered and try it today!

What is Chronik Crème used for?

CBD contains anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties, which kills painenhances circulation and regenerates cellular activity. There are a wide variety of conditions that can be treated by using Chronik Crème and other CBD infused topicals. The list is long, but a few of the most commonly treated are: Skin conditions: eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rashes, fungal infections, dry skin, blisters, etc. Localized joint pain, arthritis pain, inflammation muscle soreness, sprains and other mild injuries. Faster healing of wounds, cuts, scrapes and bruises. Chronic pain, Multiple sclerosis, Nerve pain/sciatica, Seizures, Muscle spasms, Earaches, Migraines, Menstrual cramps, Hemorrhoids, Mental disorders (anxiety, depression, PTSD)

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