CBD Oil – 500 mg Chronik Tonic CBD Tincture


5oomg CBD

2 oz Organic Olive Oil

Made in California from all-natural ingredients

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Chronik Tonic is a CBD Tincture, simply CBD oil suspended in organic olive oil.

This preparation offers  great potency while being a solid value.  It is easy to take straight.  Or add it to your favorite food to get your daily dose of CBD.

The CBD oil starts as a CBD rich hemp plant, grown in the U.S.  From there it goes through a full extraction and cleaning process.  Everything in our CBD tincture is all natural.

CBD is changing the world and you can safely try out this trend with our product.  We’ve been working in the medical CBD field for many years and have applied everything we’ve learned to making this great all natural CBD tonic.

People all over are learning more about CBD and what it can do.  We invite you to research what it can do for you.  And when you are ready to contact us and try our high-powered CBD tincture.

Whatever your needs, our CBD oil can be a great choice, and will give you an easy way to get your dose of CBD.

We are always striving to provide clear instructions and information for our customers.  If you ever need help understanding what CBD can do please reach out to us.  We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Manufactured here in California, we’re committed to making your life better. We’re always improving our product and listening to those who use it. Through this process we’ve come at a simple yet effective solution.

Our CBD tincture travels well. It is available for shipping to all 50 states.

Chronik Fusions wants to be your partner in improving your life. Get relief using CBD today and find out what millions of people already know.

CBD is great for your life.  You will wonder how you lived without it.


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