CBD E-Liquid – 10ml 150mg of Chronik Vape E-juice



three great flavors: Strawberry Diesel, Spearmint Dream and Blueberry Kush



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A full 10mL bottle of our famous high strength 1.5% CBD e-Liquid. This best-selling product is a favorite of our customers. And has been developed as a labor of love

This bottle comes packed with 150mg of CBD.  We’ve developed our flavors in-house for a superior taste and experience.  And we’re always looking to add new flavors and formulations.  A lot of those new flavors come from the suggestions of our customers so we encourage you to contact us with yours.

Our CBD e-Liquid comes in your choice of three flavors for your vaping pleasure, Strawberry Diesel, Spearmint Dream and Blueberry Kush.

As with all of our CBD products, our CBD e-liquid is made in house.  Grown and refined in the US for the highest quality and purity.  We know lots of people love to use their own vape equipment.  So we’ve made an easy to use CBD vape oil that only requires you to add it to your own tank and enjoy.

CBD has been changing lives.  At Chronik Fusions we’re on a mission to help change yours.  Read and research what CBD can do for you.  And when you’re ready we hope you will let us be your CBD store.

We have nearly a decade of experience in the medicinal hemp industry.  Our focus has always been on making a positive impact on people’s lives.  To do that we want to make the purest and strongest products on the market.

Vaping can be a great way to quickly get CBD in your system.  Many people find that vaping will work for them when other methods don’t work.  If you’ve been trying other products or ways to take CBD, we urge you to try vaping.

CBD has been making a difference in our lives and we hope you can see what it can do for yours.

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