Pet CBD ~ K9 Chronik Tonic


500mg CBD

Organic Olive Oil

Made in California



K-9 Chronik Tonic is the pet CBD solution to helping our pets (cats and dogs) deal with many illnesses. With all the success people are seeing with CBD, it is only natural to wonder if it can help our pets too.

Based on the tons of feedback we are getting from our customers, the answer is yes!

Our Pet CBD uses the same all-natural CBD and organic olive oil.  It is as easy to use as simply mixing it in with your pet’s food.  Using our measuring guide, you can come up with a good dose for you pet.

For a medium sized dog, we would recommend starting with half the dosage we would suggest for a person.  As you closely monitor your pets reaction, adjust as necessary.

When first using Pet CBD, it is a good idea to keep a record of what dose you gave them along with their reaction. As with everything you do for your pet, consistency is key.  Be sure to use the CBD product at the same time of day.  And to continue over a number of days before judging the effects.

As with all CBD only products, it is completely non-psychoactive.  This means you can have total peace of mind when giving it to your pet.

Also try the Chronik Creme for pet use.  Another one of our products that is made from all-natural and organic ingredients.  If your pet has sore joints or any kind of skin condition a topical CBD application can make a big difference.

Chronik has been part of the legal and medical marijuana industry for almost a decade.  We’ve seen a major difference these products can make in people’s lives.  Our Pet CBD product gives us a chance to give back to all of our animals that do so much to enrich our lives.

Both you and your pet will enjoy what our CBD can do for you.